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About our Partners!

Gabbart Logo

Today, Gabbart now proudly serves over 600 school districts across the United States while maintaining an industry leading, over 96% customer retention rate since it’s inception.  Even to this day, Atoka Public Schools remains a loyal customer.

Training and support is our #1 priority. Gabbart offers 24/7, Online, and Continued Personalized Support to ensure you never feel alone when you need assistance. At Gabbart we believe availability is the best ability!

Gabbart’s Team consists of 80% Educational background. We know how important it is to have a program that actually works well! The Home of Gabbart is located in Southeastern Oklahoma, where we developed all of our programs we use today!

TTA Logo

Link to Texas Telephone Association Video of Service to Rural Texas

The Texas Telephone Association, with a diverse membership ranging from publicly traded corporations to small businesses and cooperatives, is dedicated to advancing and enhancing the telecommunications industry in Texas.

Our member companies drive economic development and innovation to benefit consumers, businesses, schools,

and healthcare facilities across Texas with reliable and affordable voice, data, and high-speed telecommunications services.

TTA companies are leading the way through innovations and hard work — making rural broadband and rural connectivity happen every day…

Mark Seal, Executive Director *** *** 512.472.1183

ERI Logo

Grant Writing and Administrative Experience

25 years of work experience in grants:

Directing programs at a local college and university; Conducting grant evaluations for school districts, colleges, universities, and non-profit organizations; and Serving as a grant reader for state and federal agencies, as well as, Education Service Centers. 


Educational Research Institute (ERI) has an 80% success rate. ERI specializes in grant writing and management services and can work with your agency or organization from the start of a project idea to the completion of grant design. ERI is proud of its record of accomplishments since its establishment in 2001.

ERI has secured over $269.4 million in successful grant applications for Charters, School Districts, Colleges, Medical Institutions, Universities, Non-Profits, and Municipalities.


Many funding sources require a third party evaluator to ensure compliance with the program requirements. Even when it is not always required, it is always a good idea to have an outside assessment and evaluation of your grant program in order to objectively monitor the grant. Educational Research Institute can provide this service for your district or agency whether we write or review your grant.


"ERI offers a broad array of professional development trainings that focus on specific content and target populations which can have positive effects on performance, production, and instructional practices.".



Government Capital Corporation (GCC) was founded in 1992 with the exclusive purpose of providing financing for state and local governmental entities including schools, cities, counties, special districts, and their component units. Although we serve clients in all fifty states, Texas school districts is one of our primary areas of focus. Since inception, GCC has been engaged by over 523 independent school districts in Texas, representing 42% of all independent school districts statewide. GCC strives to partner with and educate our clients in a very personal way, on the uniqueness and advantages of the many innovative tax-exempt financing structures available.

Government Capital Securities Corporation (GCSC) was founded in 1999 to serve our clients in a Municipal Advisory role. Since inception, GCSC has offered a broad range of public finance services including bond election planning and structuring, maintenance notes, refunding analysis, 313 Agreements and related continuing disclosure support. By providing comprehensive advisory services, GCSC’s partnership approach has earned the trust and respect of government and public finance professionals across Texas.


The founders of E3 have been in the energy management industry since the 1980s, before recycling was trendy and kale chips were palatable. President Klip Weaver landed his first job out of college in the energy industry, and it’s that experience that has molded our global understanding of this business. We understand energy management means more than simply addressing maintenance issues. It means creating the most sustainable and comfortable environments so you can focus on your true mission.


E3 is a construction and engineering firm providing holistic solutions that reduce energy usage, create comfortable environments, and improve operational efficiency. Offering comprehensive solutions for facilities, our design and installation expertise is in HVAC system replacements, LED lighting upgrades, building automation system optimization and commissioning, energy auditing, water conservation, and performance management services that ensure ongoing efficient operation of facilities.


MSBAt our core, we believe that a culture of compliant and maximized documentation is within every district’s reach. It’s going to take a lot of commitment and it’s going to be worthwhile. We are signing up for that journey with you because we can’t wait to see how you leverage it to grow your district’s impact.

MSB is not new to the educational realm, but our approach is. Since we began serving school districts 25 years ago, we have learned how to make this program work in a way that makes certain that the return is worth the effort. Our drive toward Medicaid excellence is stronger than ever and our motivation is the impact we believe educators can have on the world when obstacles that could slow them down are removed from their path.

School districts have instilled in us the power of transparency, the importance of authenticity, the result of hard work, and the strength of pursuit required to become a better company for them, one day at a time. MSB has and will continue to transform to serve our clients across the state where they need us the most: through Medicaid excellence.

We are raving fans of educators and strive to be the type of people, and to provide the level of service that makes them raving fans of us. To know the educators we work with is to know who we aspire to be.

Frost Bank

Real-world, customized financial solutions – Whether you work with a state institution or a local nonprofit, our Public Finance Specialists can deliver financial services that work on your terms. And a specialist will be with you every step of the way.

Whether your organization focuses on pre-K, K-12 or higher education, we can provide the expertise to help you reach your financial goals. And Frost supports education through an investment of more than $3 billion in Texas educational bonds. Frost offers:

  • Experience with all levels of public and private education in each of the markets we serve
  • Assistance with the structuring, pricing and the issuance of debt, taxable or tax-exempt
  • Familiarity with the banking requirements of the Texas Education Code, Local Government Code, Public Funds Investment Act and Public Funds Collateral Act

Our experts have years of experience with government and non-profit organization, and they'll be there to answer the phone whenever you call.

  • Dedicated team of public finance experts focusing on government and non-profit solutions
  • Expertise with government, religious, housing, education, healthcare and social services
  • Committed to delivering award-winning, personal service



Our Clients Know That We Care

From our most experienced shareholder to our newest associate, you can have confidence that you are talking to some of the most experienced and well trained lawyers in Texas school law and labor and employment law. Chances are that if you have a problem you need solved you will be able to speak to a lawyer who has successfully litigated that issue.

When you need someone who's won before the highest Courts in the United States and Texas you can pick up the phone and talk to that attorney. If you need an expert that has written books on copyright, call us and talk to her. If you have a construction problem that can't seem to get resolved and need to talk to an attorney who has achieved superior results both in and out of litigation, pick up the phone and talk to him. 

Our commitment is to provide you with the highest level legal advice you can find in the state of Texas. We would love to provide these services to your district or organization.

In addition to our quality legal advice, Eichelbaum Wardell provides innovative trainings, materials, client alert updates, and a popular semi-monthly "Board Minutes" publication. You can also read our monthly Preventive Law Corner articles on

Eichelbaum Wardell has been recognized for high professional legal standards and ethics in the 2013 Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers Edition of Martindale-Hubbell and has been awarded an AV rating, and has been so recognized since 1998.  The A signifies the highest level of legal ability, while the V denotes very high adherence to the professional standards of conduct, ethics, reliability and diligence.  

Moak Casey


The Texas education system is a complex business responsible for educating almost 5.5 million students at a cost of billions of dollars each year. Moak, Casey & Associates brings together a team of former top education officials who have been associated with every major issue affecting school finance in the last 35 years. We are considered the gold standard in high-quality research and planning services for a diverse range of clients concerned with the financial operation and management of public school education.

Our services include:
  • State & local revenue planning and modeling
  • State aid forecasts
  • Economic development analyses and reviews
  • Research services
  • Legislative monitoring & analysis

Leon Alcala

Our attorneys are passionate advocates serving governmental entities in all areas of public law. Our attorneys have successfully represented public educational entities for decades as general and special counsel. In both the courtroom and the boardroom, our attorneys are experienced advocates and counselors, sensitive to the special needs of elected officials and the constituents they serve. We have assisted school districts in negotiating agreements under Chapter 313 of the Texas Tax Code, the Texas Economic Development Act, in tax incentive agreements resulting in tens of billions of dollars in new investments in Texas. Our public finance team represents counties, cities and public school districts as bond counsel, tax counsel and disclosure counsel in connection with public finance transactions.


Schreiner U Centennial Year

Who We Are

At Schreiner University, students enter with hope and leave with achievement. We are a diverse, fiercely independent university. We are affiliated by choice and covenant with the Presbyterian Church (USA) with a main campus in the Texas Hill Country and first year campuses throughout the state.

What We Do

Schreiner University is a place of opportunity. We offer undergraduate and graduate students a personalized, integrated, and holistic educational experience that prepares them for meaningful work and purposeful lives in a changing global society. Students study in-depth in a specific area of interest while acquiring broad skills and habits of mind to navigate a complex, diverse, and unscripted future.

Why We Do It

  • All students are valuable and unique;
  • Every student should grow intellectually, physically, spiritually, and socially;
  • We value diversity of people and thought in a setting of open, civil discourse;
  • Life-long learning and service to society are critical in a global world; and
  • Higher education must develop thoughtful, productive, and ethical citizens.

Where We Are Going

By 2023, Schreiner University will be a university of 2,250 students, educating men and women for service and leadership in the Hill Country, Texas, the nation, and world. We will recruit enthusiastic and diverse men and women and forge in them the intellectual, emotional, and personal resilience that has made Schreiner Institute, College, and University the uniquely Texan educational institution it has been, is, and will be.

The Texas Center @ Schreiner University | Uniquely Texan - 

The Texas Center at Schreiner University

Texas History, Culture, and People

The Texas Center at Schreiner University is an educational ecosystem that offers opportunities for students and the general population to learn and appreciate the uniqueness of Texan history, culture, and people. Texas has always been at the intersection of people, cultures, and ideas, and populated by immigrants. As a result, it has become an exceptionally diverse state with a history of redeeming, restoring, and transforming ordinary individuals into people who achieve the extraordinary. (see more....)

Texas Computer Cooperative - TCC

The TCC has been providing high quality, compliant, comprehensive business and student software and support to Texas LEAs for over 50 years.

The ASCENDER Enterprise software offers all the features you would expect, and so much more, including workflows, customized reports, and resource planning tools. The powerful web-based Business ERP and Student Information System applications are written specifically for Texas schools. All state-mandated extracts and support for federal OCR reporting are included. ASCENDER features a professionally designed user interface to simplify tasks with consistency and refined functionality throughout each application, as well as sleek, easy navigation.

The ASCENDER State Reporting application allows LEAs to extract the required data for each PEIMS and TSDS collections from the Business and Student applications. The ASCENDER software is updated to ensure ongoing compliance with TEA requirements.

Business and Student data is edited to ensure it meets requirements of the TEA Data Standards. The ASCENDER software provides flexibility to convert local codes to state mandated values to ensure compliance with state reporting requirements.

Pearson Legal

Pearson Legal, PC specializes in insurance recovery and construction defect on contingency and have represented school districts as well as other government entities across the State of Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado.  If you have questions about your construction project or any open property insurance claims, please contact Michelle Cruff at 210-730-6934.


Veregy Logo

Veregy is an industry leader in energy efficiency solutions, solar and smart building technology. We believe innovation — together with unparalleled service — creates the most long-term value for our clients. Veregy’s experienced and dedicated team develop and deliver customized strategies to resolve our client’s facility challenges, while optimizing building performance and reducing energy consumption. We also believe in bringing out the best in each other. Customer relationships built on transparency last longer, which is at the core of everything we do.

Veregy has delivered billions in energy performance contracts for clients in:

Veregy’s clients have access to an award-winning portfolio of engineering and energy service companies to address their rapidly growing energy efficiency and long-term master-planning needs. These span: eco-friendly infrastructure upgrades; day-to-day facility monitoring and comprehensive solutions in mechanical, plumbing, lighting, solar, battery storage, geothermal; and customized building automation/energy management systems.


PAYK12 is a cloud-based software platform that provides districts, schools, and the departments within, one digital hub for managing school payments and funds.

EFFICIENCY – Give administrators a single solution to collect, report and manage school payments and funds.

REPORTING – Insight into every transaction coming into and out of the school provides financial visibility and transparency.

LESS RISK – Reduce fund mismanagement and improve security by allowing parents and students the ability to pay electronically.

INTEGRATION – Seamlessly plugin your student management system, accounting and scheduling platform for ultimate effiency.

PAYMENTS – Parents have easy online access to view their child's account balance, purchase history and required fees.

SUPPORT – Our support team is the best in the business, always available to help answer any questions.

Linebarger Goggan  Blair & Sampson LLP

Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP is a national law firm with a practice dedicated to the collection of delinquent government receivables.

For over 45 years now, Linebarger has been providing customized collection programs for its public sector clientele. Our services allow our clients to spend more of their time and limited resources on providing the core services their constituents expect, while avoiding unnecessary tax increases and cuts to essential public services.

Our People – A Customer-Driven Focus

The cornerstone of our law firm is our people and their commitment to delivering the best customer service possible.

A Unique Service Offering – A History of Success

Our law firm has successfully merged the practice of law, with the business of collections and advanced technology to create a unique service offering. The result has been the recovery of billions of dollars in additional revenue for our government clients.

Compliance with the Law

Lawyers supervise and participate in our clients’ collection programs, and they must abide by the strict rules prescribed by the supreme courts in each of the states where they are licensed to practice law. Our law firm also must comply with the laws that govern the collection industry.

Perdue Brandon Logo

Perdue Brandon Fielder Collins and Mott‚ LLP is a law firm focused on government collection matters. Since our founding in 1970 in Texas‚ we have grown steadily‚ adding clients‚ attorneys and trained support staff. Presently‚ we have 14 offices in Texas with more than 350 employees‚ including over 50 attorneys. Founded on the principles of hard work‚ honesty and ethical conduct‚ our success is due to our refusal to deviate from these core values.

Perdue Brandon Fielder Collins and Mott‚ LLP is one of the oldest and largest law firms in Texas focused on government collection matters. Since 1970‚ we have grown steadily‚ adding clients‚ attorneys and trained support staff.

Today‚ we represent many types of governmental entities – school districts‚ cities‚ counties‚ hospital districts‚ appraisal districts‚ special districts and toll road authorities. Our experienced attorneys and professional staff are capable of handling a wide variety of government collection issues‚ including but not limited to‚ delinquent tax matters and fine and fee collections.

We also advise many appraisal districts on property tax matters and represent them in litigation involving valuation‚ exemptions‚ special appraisal designations and other property tax issues. We represent school districts in appeals and audits of the Texas Comptroller’s property value study.

We have a proven collection track record. The Firm’s unique philosophy and personal approach to collection ensures consistent success. We strive to provide outstanding service. As a result‚ we have formed lasting relationships. Many of our client relationships span more than 40 years for one reason: we get results.

Goodside Helath Logo

Goodside Health’s school-based telehealth program provides students and staff access to high-quality care when they need it most. You can now be treated right in the school nurse’s office, helping everyone to be happier and healthier in the classroom!

Goodside Health is advancing the delivery of pediatric care by partnering with communities to provide access to physical health, mental health, and telehealth services at school, at home, and in the clinic. Relentless advocates for expanding access to care and promoting health equity, Goodside Health leverages a Whole-Child Approach to care and lives our purpose of closing gaps in children’s healthcare through innovation and execution. To learn more about Goodside Health, please visit


We understand a sign project presents many options as to who to choose to provide the best solution.  We have been helping businesses, churches and schools find the best solution for years now all over the country.  Our goal is not to try and be an expert in everything but instead to be exceptional and industry leaders in a couple of things.  Those couple of things are building high quality, industry leading LED displays and best in class lighted signs and doing so at an affordable price for our customers.

Our goal is to be the trusted sign company for businesses, churches and schools all across the country.  If you want a company that delivers exceptional products backed by a management team with decades of experience and a customer service team, second to none, to be with you throughout the entire process, then call us to discuss your next project.  We would love the opportunity to work with you and look forward to talking with you.  

Core Displays


 Lance Pelton – Core Displays  – 817-303-6366 (w) & 817-946-3078 (m) –


Solar Connect

“SolarConnect can provide districts that have roof issues or roofs that will need to be upgraded or replaced in the future, a path to roll those cost into the installation of Solar on the buildings.  The solar arrays would provide the districts with a reduced power bill, a maintained solar array and roof for the next 20 years all this with NO capital outlay to the school district.  In a rural setting, SolarConnect can “bundle” several districts with Investors provide the best deal possible.”

Contact: Mike Bottoms * 469.536.2505 (m) * 870.942.5613 (o) *